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Overview of Paleo


Overview of Paleo

In the past 200 years of the industrial revolution, our diet has significantly change and the harmful effects of artificial additives that extend the shelf life of products and other supplements are not brought into question. All these changes significantly damage our health and are the main culprit for the disease of modern civilization, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Basic instructions of Paleo diet says that they should eat as we did ten thousands of years ago, before the advent of agriculture and long before industrialization. Let us also mention that the Paleo diet is quite popular with many world stars and the jet-set.

Here we will present the positive sides of including the Paleo diet in your life.

Paleo diet – the arguments for its implementation:

  • increased protein intake, reduces appetite and speeds up metabolism, high-protein diet maintains muscle mass
  • shows the importance of fruits and vegetables
  • the body has sufficient essential fatty acids
  • diet will suit people who are prone to high blood sugar levels
  • will improve public health and reduce the risk of many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer
  • creates an alkaline load on the kidneys, which prevents calcium loss and preserves bone tissue, which in turn can reduce the risk of osteoporosis
  • no counting calories and measuring portions

In the book “The Paleo Diet”, it is set out the claims that human genetics is best adapted to the diet of our ancestors before the agricultural revolution. As such, the Paleo diet is based on a diet that was available to the people at that time. Many foods are prohibited.

In short, this means avoiding dry meat dishes, then sugar, salt, grain products (bread, corn, wheat, rice, pasta …), legumes, dairy products, yeast, coffee and alcohol. Potatoes, soybeans and corn are specifically prohibited because they are now genetically and nutritionally modified.

Although in this diet the grains and processed carbohydrates are eliminated, this diet is less restrictive than similar diets, such as Atkins diet, for example, because it was the most fruits and vegetables allowed in unlimited quantities.

Meat (including seafood) and eggs are perhaps the most important component of Paleo diet. All vegetables are allowed except beans, legumes and potatoes. Mushrooms are allowed.

Fruit, nuts and seeds (all except peanuts) can be consumed. Honey and dried fruit are allowed only in small quantities. Permitted are only some oils – olive, flaxseed and canola oil. It is recommended the intake of fish oil in the capsules. From drinks – allowed are water and tea, and freshly squeezed unsweetened juices in small amounts.

It is recommendation to eat only good food, remove everything that is processed or arrive in the box. Unprocessed, natural food in the form of lean meat, seeds and grains, fruits and vegetables, wheat, sugar, dairy products and legumes is Paleo choice. There are also some mandatory changes: changing oil, reducing saturated fat and taking simple sugars and salt. It can all afford, and shops are well equipped with these goods.

If a person really adheres to the Paleo diet, this can be a very effective way of losing weight. However, to adhere to these diets will not be easy, especially at first, when to give up all the foods that the most of us are very keen on. Therefore, some symptoms may occur in the form of fatigue, headaches and the need for a particular food. These problems disappear after a few weeks and from that moment Paleo diet is very easy for most people, because it’s basically a diet in which there is no starvation.


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